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In praise of assistants

We honored some of the most important people on the BGCT Executive Board staff Wednesday — our ministry assistants. For those of us who grew up in an earlier time we used the equally honored term of “secretary” to designate these wonderful servants, and many churches still do.

Where would our Kingdom work be without them? They literally make it possible for many of us “reverends” to have the time to touch personal needs and they keep us pointed in the right direction. They truly are ministers of the gospel because they assist in making the proclamation of that gospel possible.

The ministry assistants who work for the BGCT are an amazing group. They have great organizational and communications skills, as well as other abilities. They bring a high level of competence to their work, but they also bring a passion for service to our Lord Jesus Christ and His Baptist churches in Texas. And after hours, they are committed servants in their local churches.

I’m dying to give praise to my own assistant, but if I lift up Kathryn Lay for praise then I would leave out so many others. Oh, I slipped and mentioned her name. Secret’s out, but I assure you Kathryn is not alone.

If you call or visit the Baptist Building in Dallas this week or anytime, please say a hardy thank you to our assistants, our fellow ministers of the gospel.

(Originally published by me on the We Are Texas Baptists blog on this date.)