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Thrilled to have discovered African American cousin

Jesus taught the importance of loving others, no matter the differences that often separate people. One of the things we can learn in life (if we will learn) is that we … Continue reading

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Welcome to paradise

Driving through the Texas countryside on Easter Sunday, one of my daughters and I stopped at a service station. As we entered the young, scruffy man wearing a bandanna around … Continue reading

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Maybe I’m just another Gilligan

Sometimes I envy people who see the  world in clear right and wrong terms — politically, religiously, culturally, or whatever. I just am not wired that way. I’m kind of … Continue reading

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Ninety years to make a life

Ninety years ago today a young sharecropping couple celebrated a birth and named the baby Ferrell but would call him Gene. He grew up with Texas dirt literally between his … Continue reading

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All human life is a gift from God and sacred

Mary Rathke is fortunate to be alive. She’s a mom now, but her brush with death came early, very early. Her mother, a victim of rape, chose to carry Baby Mary … Continue reading

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It is good to stand with God in valuing life

Walking into the airport. Approaching the first security checkpoint. Officer: Final Destination. Me: Washington. Officer: Purpose of your trip. Me: Evangelicals for Life meeting. Officer: Keep up the good work. … Continue reading

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Putting the wiggle back in life

(This post originally appeared on the Texas Baptists web site.) Chubby Checker came to mind as I sat at my home office desk the other day. Checker made “The Twist” … Continue reading

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Lessons from a life lived well

(This post originally appeared on the Texas Baptists web site.) A beautiful blonde woman is pictured looking upward beyond the eye of the camera that is photographing her. Her mouth … Continue reading

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Making memories to last a lifetime

Some days are more special than others. I think I always will remember Saturday, November 17, 2012, unless dementia robs me of it somewhere down the road. Saturday night, one of my daughters, … Continue reading

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Beauty in the bedroom

An orchestra played in my bedroom this morning, and the music was beautiful. Amazing! And even more amazing is the fact that presumably all of the musicians are dead. Technology … Continue reading

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