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Bono rocked the world 10 years ago with words about poverty, justice

Ten years ago today, rock star Bono delivered an amazing address at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, with President George W. Bush sitting nearby. Bono, lead singer of the … Continue reading

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MLK insights can still help Christians confront injustice

Every adult American can hear in their minds the voice, rhetorical skills, and moving words of the late Martin Luther King, Jr. He had the ability to move people with … Continue reading

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Nonviolence became MLK’s defining method of seeking justice

Many people know of Martin Luther King, Jr., as a champion of nonviolence. This was not new to African American churches. William D. Watley said King’s theological and ethical perspective, … Continue reading

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Living as a black man in Ferguson

(This article first appeared on the Christian Life Commission web site.) In the summer of 2012, a 32-year-old African American man sat in his car cooling off after playing basketball … Continue reading

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Jesus and the disinherited — a broad challenge

(This article originally appeared in Texas Baptist Magazine, including an online version.) It can be hard for those of us who have so much prosperity and privilege to grasp the … Continue reading

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Grace needed in society, as well

He came up to me after I had spoken about “Ethics in Leadership” at a community college. Near the end of the session I had said something about hope, and … Continue reading

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‘Such as these’ 2 – Nicholas Wolterstorff

NOTES (these are not direct quotes but paraphrases) “Setting the Biblical/Theological Stage” By Nicholas Wolterstorff, Professor Emeritus Yale University The grand charter for Christian social work is Matt 24… In … Continue reading

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Keller: Peace, beauty, and justice

“God is a craftsman, an artisan,” says Timothy Keller, in his book Generous Justice (p.172). The story of creation told in the Bible is different from other ancient creation stories, … Continue reading

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Keller: Doing justice in the public square

“When Christians do evangelism, they can only count on the support and understanding of other believers. But when believers seek to do justice in the world, they often find it … Continue reading

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Keller: How should we do justice?

“Doing justice necessitates … striking a series of balances. It means ministering in both word and deed, through the local church and as individual agents dispersed throughout the world. It … Continue reading

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