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Wonderful vacation

(Originally posted to Faceboook. Responses below.)

Vacations are wonderful when you don’t have a lot of plans. You get to simply do the things you like to do. For me, this means being with family, reading, writing and enjoying the out-of-doors. But I am doubly blessed; I like my “job.” I don’t miss it when I’m away because there are so many things I like to do, but I also love to do my job stuff, as well. That hasn’t always been the case. Thank God for today.

    • Gina MyersWhat a fun place you are in today!

      November 17 at 1:40am ·

Tim Allen wisdom

(Originally posted to Facebook. Responses below.)

Tim Allen character on Last Man Standing to his daughter who didn’t want to go to college: “College is important. Without college there would be no college football.”

New member in the family

(Originally appeared on Facebook. Comments below.)

Tomorrow is a big day in the Foster family. We will welcome a member–Krissy, as she becomes Landon Foster‘s wife. We love her already and feel blessed to have her as part of us.

 · November 10 at 5:10pm near Eustace, TX

    • Laura OwenCongrats Landon and Krissy!

      November 10 at 5:36pm ·
    • Bill JonesCongratulations, Ferrell and family! Joanna and I welcomed a new daughter-in-law into our family in June, so we know that wonderful feeling. Enjoy the wedding, and soak up every moment into your memories – it’s a special experience.

      November 10 at 6:55pm ·
    • Miranda Nicole BradleyCongratulations! My best wishes to the happy couple!

      November 11 at 2:15pm ·

The good and bad of road construction

(Originally appeared on Facebook.)

I’ve already driven 500 miles this week, and I couldn’t help but notice all the road construction. I hate to see good dirt covered by concrete, but then I look at all those workers. They would be unemployed if not for the work. Thank God for government spending that benefits the regular folks.

· October 5 at 7:08pm

Praying for rain

(Originally posted to Facebook.)

Fourteen grown cows and five calves on my place. Ponds virtually useless they’re so dry. Rich upstream neighbor shuts off water coming out of his lake. Ancient flowing stream now dry. Must pump out of ground fresh water, the same that Osarka bottles, to enable cows to survive. Looks like I may not be a cattleman for long–two weeks unless something changes. Pray for rain and good neighbors.

· September 10 at 9:29am near Eustace, TX

    • Miranda Nicole BradleyYour neighbor is lucky you have temperance. If it were me I’d probably be giving him a piece of my mind. I’ll be praying. My grandparents are cattle ranchers so I know what you are going through.

      September 10 at 10:24am ·
    • Sheila EasleyI’d say we’re in the same boat, but without water the boat “don’t float.” Helping Dad with his cows and there isn’t a trace of grass. We still have some water, but the level is going down.

      September 10 at 10:55am ·
    • Ferrell FosterWhat’s really frustrating is that he has no livestock. He uses the lake to irrigate a meadow so he can sell hay and so his place will “look good.” His words. The way cows are being sold, there will not be much need for hay. Thanks for caring, ladies.

      September 10 at 2:54pm ·
    • Trese Hill FosterYou should tell him who will he sell hay to if no one has cows

      September 10 at 5:41pm ·
    • Ferrell FosterThe flood of beef already has started. Prices down now. Next year consumers will see higher prices at store and restaurAnts. Time to go vegetarian or beefless.

      September 10 at 9:55pm ·

Togetherness over time

(Originally posted on Facebook.)

Two couples walking to their cars. One: straw hats on heads, canes in hand, walking about five feet apart. Two: thick, luxurious hair, a smart gait, walking close together. What’s different in the two couples? About 60 years and the ability to be “together” at different distances.

· September 9 at 12:24pm near Eustace, TX

The beauty and the beast

I took a walk at lunch today, and the weather was gorgeous. The cooler air is more appreciated after all the days of triple digit temperatures here in Texas.

While walking back from Baylor Medical Center, where I bought my lunch, the quiet beauty was interrupted by sirens. I suspected it announced the arrival of an ambulance at the hospital, but it seemed to be different. I immediately thought of the 9/11 terrorist attacks almost 10 years ago. I actually wondered if a new attack my be happening.

The sirens continued. I kept walking. Nothing seemed to be happening.

I suspect all of us have been changed by 9/11 when even a siren causes one to wonder.