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Looking for smiles along the way

The other day a number of us on the BGCT staff spent a good portion of a day at the Roseland Community Center near the Baptist Building in Dallas. It was a day of play for the kids of the neighborhood, a good lunch from the Texas Baptist Men of Dallas Baptist Association, some parenting tips for residents, and free backpacks and school supplies.

Gerald Davis put this mini-missions project together, along with Marla Bearden; and they did a great job.

I had two jobs — photographer and snow cone distributor (fancy name for a rather messy task). My 11-year-old son, Cameron, joined me in the snow cone booth, and he proved to be the more valuable worker — just ask Jon Randles, Scott Willingham and Pam Poole.

Jon knows how to make any “job” fun and interesting. He evangelized for his snow cones in a manner worthy of a great evangelist for our Lord. Scott was the epitome of efficiency, rolling through the crush of “customers.” And Pam was the quiet glue behind our snow cone success.

The kids, of course, provide the most lasting memories of the day, as they seemingly always do in a missions project. And my most profound memory was, sadly, the lack of smiles on their young faces. I took to asking them to smile before receiving their snow cones, and a few still struggled; but the faces of some lit up brightly.

There were probably no more sad faces than happy ones that day, but my heart went out to the sad ones. One gentleman stopped me while I was doing photography and said he loved my smile. I noticed he had one, as well. I said thanks, that I really didn’t think about smiling, it just kinda happens and I think it’s because Christ is in my life.

I do think Christ can put smiles on our faces. Not that we don’t cry at times, as well. But somehow He enables us to smile at life, even when it gets tough. I pray for more Christ-inspired smiles in the children of Roseland and in other communities where life gets rather tough.