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Driving says something about character

Driving on Interstate 35 between Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth is like navigating an obstacle course of construction, heavy traffic, and frequent crashes. It can be a tense, mind-numbing task. This … Continue reading

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George C. Marshall & the importance of self-mastery

I wonder today how many Americans are familiar with the name and exploits of one of the greatest persons of the 20th century – George C. Marshall. Marshall orchestrated one … Continue reading

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The world according to Benny

(This post originally appeared on the Texas Baptists web site.) Plagiarize. Multiple times. Get fired. Get a better job. In what world does that progression of events make sense? Ours. … Continue reading

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Starting the year with character

This new year is off to a very fine start. The sun is shining brightly in East Texas. I’m reading a very interesting book. And football will come into the … Continue reading

January 1, 2014 · 1 Comment

We can pursue right living without being judgmental

  Ethics is about doing the right thing, doing what you ought to do in a situation. It’s about choices, and the Bible clearly says none of us make all … Continue reading

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Daily Bible reading, a key to ethical living

One of the keys to ethical living is to read the Bible daily. This does not come easy for many of us, and I stress the use of “us” there. … Continue reading

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Maston, on doing the will of God

Christians daily face the reality of living in the world, and that means living in a way that honors Christ. This is done by making God’s will the ultimate authority … Continue reading

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The spine of the matter — courage

Our spines are amazing. They hold us up. They provide a protected pathway for nerves. They form a back on which to carry a pack. But I don’t think often … Continue reading

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Imagine the lies

Lying seems to be one of the biggest ethical problems we face today. I posted the other day about the “lie factory” that has taken over our political process. Now, I’ve just … Continue reading

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Med school battles ‘ethical erosion’

Harvard Medical School now offers a program for third-year students to combat “ethical erosion” and to help students retain their idealism, reports Duke Divinity School’s Faith & Leadership web site. It had … Continue reading

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