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Good things happening in Marshall and at ETBU

Marshall anchors the eastern entrance to Texas near where Interstate 20 crosses from Louisiana. It is a smaller city that is home to East Texas Baptist University, which sits on … Continue reading

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MLK saw community as essential

Love was critical in the thinking of Martin Luther King, Jr., and it relates directly to the importance of community. In King’s treatment of love in Stride Toward Freedom, he … Continue reading

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Muehlhoff speaks on civil communication in CT

Christian author Tim Muehlhoff says believers need to “yield to God’s power from outside” themselves in order to communicate in a civil, Christlike manner. Christianity Today has published a Q&A with … Continue reading

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When safety and security meet real life

“Whether we are Safe and Secure in our neighborhood is largely within our domain.” (p.2, The Abundant Community, by John McKnight and Peter Block, authors’ italic) That is the second … Continue reading

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The power of what we have

“People are discovering that satisfying possibilities for their lives are in the neighborhood, not in the marketplace.” That’s how John McKnight and Peter Block start their book, The Abundant Community: … Continue reading

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Entering the community of coffee

I definitely have entered a new world — the coffee culture. I feel it most in a Starbucks. I’ve been twice since taking up coffee. It’s like entering a foreign … Continue reading

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What kind of neighbor am I?

My house sits on top of a hill, in the middle of a meadow, with plenty of sky above. When we moved into it 10 years ago, we could not … Continue reading

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Wrap-up on Abundant Communities conference

My thanks go out to all who organized this gathering at Trinity University. The content was superb, but it was successful for more than just the content. It really served … Continue reading

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Push back from the community

The final morning of the Abundant Community conference was like none other that I have attended. They gave participants a chance to push back on the things they had heard … Continue reading

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Walter Brueggemann: The food fight

I’m attending an amazing conference in San Antonio titled “Our Abundant Communities: Neighborly Nourishment in the Wilderness.” Here are my notes from Walter Brueggemann’s session titled “The Food Fight: Accumulation … Continue reading

April 27, 2011 · 9 Comments