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Muehlhoff speaks on civil communication in CT

Christian author Tim Muehlhoff says believers need to “yield to God’s power from outside” themselves in order to communicate in a civil, Christlike manner. Christianity Today has published a Q&A with … Continue reading

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Understanding and promoting the ‘common good’

Pursuit of the “common good” is one of my favorite expressions about the purposes of civic engagement. It’s a term that has a history dating back to Thomas Aquinas and … Continue reading

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Battle of the political signs ends with respect

I just heard a nice post-election story. Prior to the election two residents in the same suburban neighborhood had a friendly sign battle going, each one seeing who could get … Continue reading

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Bringing virtue and piety into the public square

Now may be the time to revive a tradition from the early days of the New England colonies — the “election sermon.” “The annual election sermon was a Puritan phenomenon … Continue reading

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Our faith points to hope and the need for courage

Today is election day. When the results are in, some of us may feel a sense of hope, others may feel hopeless. Either reaction denies our greater reality of hope … Continue reading

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A prayer for lawmakers, a hope for our nation

“Open the eyes and hearts of our lawmakers so that they will know and do Your will. . . . Help them to think of each other as fellow Americans … Continue reading

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Citizens of two kingdoms, but one deserves ultimate allegiance

Scripture can get under skin. Take for instance 1 Samuel 12:12. Samuel is speaking to the Israelites about their desire to have a king like all of the other nations … Continue reading

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For the health of the nation

“The Scriptures make it clear that a biblical agenda is broad and urgent. God’s concern extends from the protection of marriage and the family to justice for the poor and … Continue reading

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