Teachers plant seeds that sometimes take a while to bloom

Teachers, your impact lasts much longer than you will ever know for certain. Almost five decades ago, a college professor assigned QB VII by Leon Uris to be read by our class.

I didn’t. Ran out of time. Tried to fake my way through either a test or paper. Apparently passed the class.

Earlier this year, I saw a copy of QB VII in a used book store. And, remembering my name-forgotten teacher, bought it.

Today, I finished reading it. I almost stopped a couple of times, but my teacher hovered in my memory, and I kept going. I’m so glad I did.

It is a powerful book about humanity and making choices about right and wrong. It’s a shame I didn’t read this book sooner, but I can’t go back.

If you are looking for some good literary fiction to read, you might try QB VII. Or you may be like me and remember some book a teacher once told you to read but you didn’t.

Teachers plant seeds. Some grow quickly; others take quite a while to blossom.

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