What do we seek first?

I wonder how we Christians might change our world if we simply spent more time reading and thinking on the things of God than we do on the things of the world.

In other words, it’s OK to watch two hours of news and entertainment but make sure to spend at least two hours reading the Bible or other Christian writing, praying, and meditating.

Seek first kingdom of God, Jesus said. First!

I don’t do that too well. I’m easily distracted by news, entertainment, and information. And besides the world having my attention, it also often guides my decisions.

I’ve found that when I pay as much attention to God stuff as I do to news stuff, I feel more at peace and at ease with living. My anxiety levels drop. I become more caring and patient.

I want to be involved in the world, and God called us to be involved, but I do better when I’m centered in God and the world is what I reach into, rather than the other way around where I’m centered in the world and reaching into God.

The world is what it is because we Christians are what we are.


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