Video: Continuing Conversion

Here’s a transcript of this two-minute video:

Continuing Conversion: A Short Video by Ferrell Foster

When it comes to living the Christian life one of the challenges we face is that sometimes we think of conversion as only a one-time experience. We talk about our conversion as such and such time in the past. Yes, that is very much what Scripture says. As Jesus said to Nicodemus, “You must be born again, you must begin a new life, but Scripture says more than that. It talks about a continuing change, if I might even say, it’s a continuing conversion — a conversion from being a self-centered human being to being a God serving and caring human being.

In Matthew 7:17, Jesus said, “In the same way every good tree bears good fruit but the bad tree bears bad fruit.”

Sometimes, it’s easy to anchor back on that moment in the past when we gave our life to Jesus Christ and go, “Well, I’m okay with God. I’ll go to heaven and be fine.” But true conversion is much more than just some idle saying of “I believe Jesus.” It means that you a trust, you have so much faith that you put your life into God’s hands.

As Paul talked about dying to self and being raised to walk with Christ, dying to self is not an easy thing to do, but it’s one of those things that Scripture, the New Testament clearly talks about.

If we’re going to walk in a way that honors God with all that we do throughout the week and everything that we do, we’re going have to think more about this notion of continuing conversion, what the church is all always called sanctification.

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