Beware of the rearview mirror

I think I was taught wrong. In driver’s ed they said to check your rearview mirror every so many seconds, so I’ve been doing that for 46 years. I’m beginning to think that’s bad advice for driving and living.

I find that when I’m checking my rearview mirror often, I get preoccupied with other drivers, especially the jerks. I think I drive better when I just keep my eyes ahead, focusing on what’s in front of me. If someone is really crazy behind me, I’ve found that my eye catches it on the periphery of my vision.

So, more and more, I’m only checking the mirror when I need to make a lane change or stop quickly (to make sure someone will not rear-end me). Eyes ahead.

There is a good lesson for life there, as well. Keep our eyes looking ahead. When change is needed, then it’s good to check behind you in your past for clues to a successful change, but don’t focus on the stuff behind or you’re liable to crash into something in front of you.

Driving cars and living life are best done with our eyes on the road ahead.

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