Thrilled to have discovered African American cousin

Jesus taught the importance of loving others, no matter the differences that often separate people. One of the things we can learn in life (if we will learn) is that we are more connected to others than we realize.

In recent days, I have learned of a distant cousin, and through her I have connected with another cousin who is African American.

My newest distant cousin, whom I just “met” today on Facebook, may look different from me on the outside, but we are family where it really counts — inside. My prayer today is that we would all treat each other more as family than as strangers, no matter if we share DNA or not.

I initially wrote a form of the above on Facebook, but I wanted to share it more broadly than my family and friends.

Sarah, my newly identified cousin, wrote this in response: “I love this Ferrell! I am happy to have you as my family. I really feel your loving and caring heart.”

And, JoAnna, the cousin who I connected with via and introduced me to Sarah, said this: “I am just SOOO HAPPY to have found family from my dad’s side.”

My longtime friend, Gary, wrote this: “Well said, speaking from one who was adopted. Thankfully, my parents chose to have me. My prayer is the same as yours that we treat people as Family. There in is….Dignity. Respect. Christ-likeness.”

And from another friend who makes a life of brightening other people’s lives, Terri: “I love this, Ferrell! ❤️ Congrats on connecting with family members! What fascinating conversations you may have…

Some people may not have understood why learning of an African American cousin thrilled me so. My newly found cousins understand, and some of my friends understand. When we see others as family whether or not they are cousins, we will tend to treat them with more dignity and respect, and oh the conversations that can take place.

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