Good health care requires widespread use of medical insurance

Forget politics for a minute, as a Jesus Follower I think everyone has a right to good medical care.

In a capitalist society, that means people, not the government, pay for it. So, along comes insurance to help the non-wealthy pay for medical care. That works OK when employers are paying for most medical insurance. As that falls away people cannot afford insurance, so many don’t have it and the result is that have their medical care is subsidized by everyone else who has insurance or pays full costs.

For good health care in a capitalist society people must either pay full cost or be insured at a level that reflects actual medical costs. These costs are high and, as a result, insurance is high, but the vast majority of people must have insurance in order for all of us to receive reasonable medical care.

The problem is many people can’t or don’t want to buy insurance. Medical insurance is essential to our nation and its people because if millions go uncovered the quality of medical care will continue to decline in the U.S.

In short, in a capitalist society, good medical care for all is dependent on the vast majority of people having insurance.

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