Excellence of character crosses party lines

Through the years, I have voted for some truly great individuals, people of high ethical standards, of high character. Here are some of them in chronological order:

— Jimmy Carter (D)
— Ronald Reagan (R)
— Paul Simon (D)
— Mark White (D)
— George H.W. Bush (R)
— George W. Bush (R)
— Barack Obama (D)

Forget their politics. They all are exceptional human beings.

At times, I have chosen between two candidates of character. I did not vote for John McCain, but I consider him a great man. I might have voted for him except for what I considered an unqualified choice as running mate.

As President Obama steps aside, carrying on that long tradition of willingly laying down the greatest secular power in the world, I wish more people who disagree with his policies would celebrate and honor his ethics and character.

No political leader is perfect because they are just like the rest of us. But some have high standards of ethics and service. That is worthy of our praise.

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