Maybe I’m just another Gilligan

Sometimes I envy people who see the  world in clear right and wrong terms — politically, religiously, culturally, or whatever. I just am not wired that way. I’m kind of like Gilligan, I listen to one argument and see the point, then I listen to an opposing argument and see that point. I hope I am not as simple-minded as Gilligan, but maybe I am.

It’s not that I am passionless; I have a great passion for certain things — Jesus, family, children, suffering people, justice, the importance of loving all people, learning, the environment, integrity, honesty. I could go on.

I am not a passionate Republican or Democrat. I don’t even fit well into either group.

I’m not even a passionate conservative or liberal (or progressive). Christians shouldn’t brag about being either conservative or liberal (or progressive).

And I’m not just talking about politics. I’m talking about theology. When did Baptists forget we were primarily a biblical people, not conservative or liberal, nor Calvinist or Arminian or whatever. Conservative and liberal people read Scripture differently at times, but they are all trying to be faithful to its witness — more importantly, faithful to Christ.

Sometimes the people I least agree with about theology/philosophy behave more like Jesus in their day-to-day lives than the ones with whom I agree. What gives? Too many people have false conservative and liberal gods.

So, there, my passion has come out. I really, really care about the things Jesus said and how He lived and then trying to live accordingly.

I’m not Gilligan after all.

Jesus made the religious people mad. Jesus made the political people mad. May we all try to be more like Him.

Sorry, I got carried away. I didn’t start this with a plan to end up here; I was really down on myself. But this is where I am. I apologize if I don’t see some political or theological issues as the most important things in the world. I’m having enough trouble trying to follow Jesus. I need His help; we all do.

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