Two takeaways from the presidential election

I awoke at 2:30 a.m. to the news that we Americans have elected Donald Trump as our next president. This is the most stunning election results of my life, which started during President Eisenhower’s term.

This result said two things to me:

First, I don’t know diddly about politics. I thought Secretary Clinton would win in an electoral landslide even with a closer popular vote. I just didn’t see this coming, probably because I have such a low opinion of Mr. Trump. I did not consider him competent for the job, so now I hope I’m wrong about that, as well.

Second, the Democratic Party years ago turned its back on working class folks. Despite the rhetoric, it became the party of Eastern elites who had a very different agenda. Republicans appealed to regular white folks with their social agenda, but the party quietly undermined the economic interests of working whites at every turn. Both Mr. Trump and Bernie Sanders appealed to working people. Mrs. Clinton and most of the other Republicans were being funded by the money changers in America, and regular white folks had had enough.

That’s my take, but I’m not sure I know anything.

I will pray for President-elect Trump and the new Congress. The Republicans will be in power. They have obstructed government action the past six years; now they will have to act. I suspect divisions in the party will become more apparent.

But, again, what do I know? I hope with all of my heart that Republicans can do things that will help the people left behind behind by the investment banks and the global economy. Pray and pray some more.

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