Still working on this coffee thing

Two years ago this fall I started drinking coffee while on a trip to Guatemala. When I started I didn’t know there was so much to learn. Tuesday, I learned something new.

I have thought the disposable plastic lids were odd because the tab pulls back rather easily, but then it’s hard to completely remove it. Then, Monday, I’m at Cafe Brazil with my wife and for some reason I notice that little hump in the middle of the cap. Sure enough, if you pull back the tab and push it down on the hump, it stays back and out of your way.

Then, Tuesday morning, I go to our break room to get a cup, put on the lid, start to pull it back to the hump and then read “Fasten Tab Here.” The instructions had been there all along, and I had totally missed them.

It kind of reminds me of trying to live the Christian life. Sometimes you realize the instructions have been there all along (in the Bible and in Christian experience), and you’ve totally missed it.

A Thanksgiving Day prayer: Lord, thank you for giving us instructions for how to live a life that honors you and that is best for us. Thank you also for forgiving us when we fail to know or follow the instructions. Amazing!

2 thoughts on “Still working on this coffee thing

  1. Well, I live here in Brazil my whole life and I literally, about 1 week of turning 30 yo, just googled that phrase to understant how to use.
    Thank you, dear blogger, this improved my quality of life.

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