Maston, on how to glorify God

The Christian’s highest motivation in life should be to glorify God, said the late Baptist ethicist, T. B. Maston.

Scripture reveals two concepts concerning the glory of God, Maston wrote in his book, Why Live the Christian Life?. First, it frequently involved “some physical phenomenon” indicating God’s presence. Second, it involved God’s moral excellence or character, which is particularly important in understanding the Christian life.

“God’s radiance and splendor are most fully revealed by his character,” Maston said. So, how do we bring glory to God?

Jesus, in Matthew 5:16, said: “Even so let your light shine before men; that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”

We glorify God by letting our light shine before others. “A light does not shine to call attention to itself,” Maston said. “It shines that others may be seen. The Christian does not carry a light; he is a light, the light of the world.”

Then, Maston added, “We shine only to the degree that we permit the Divine Inner Light to touch and transform our lives.”

That is what motivates us — growing in our relationship with God so that others will give glory to God, who is shaping us and who can shape them.

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