Daily Bible reading, a key to ethical living

One of the keys to ethical living is to read the Bible daily. This does not come easy for many of us, and I stress the use of “us” there. Vocational ministers, like me, can struggle with this as much as other  church members.

My church, First Baptist in Athens, has stressed daily Bible reading and created a web site to make it easier — soapandsoak.com. Anyone can use it. SOAP and SOAK is a three-year Bible reading plan linked with a 36-verse memorization plan. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Three year reading plan— OT(1x), NT (2x).
  • Read/discuss with other believers for encouragement and accountability.
  • Simple weekly goals to fit your lifestyle.
  • A Scripture verse to memorize each month
  • Delivery Options: In the program each week, email once a week, daily email.

If others have resources or tools that can help in daily Bible reading, please share.

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