Maston, on doing the will of God

Christians daily face the reality of living in the world, and that means living in a way that honors Christ. This is done by making God’s will the ultimate authority in our lives.

The will of God expresses the nature of God, but each “child of God in any time of decision has the right and the responsibility” to decide “what the will of God is,” said T. B. Maston, in Why Live the Christian Life?. This presents dangers because we are finite and sinful. As a result, it is important to remain humble and open-minded regarding our interpretations of God’s will.

We live day to day, moment by moment. God desires to direct a person’s course in life, but the believer is required to make countless decisions that, in the end, form a life story.

Each life is part of God’s broader story, but each is also unique.  “God’s will for your life and mine is a constantly enlarging, expanding experience,” Maston wrote in God’s Will and Your Life. “It is never static but always dynamic.”

Daily circumstances are important because “seemingly minor decisions often help to set the direction of our lives. Frequently they influence, or determine ahead of time, the major decisions. So, in a very real sense, every decision is potentially a major one.”

A prayer: Lord help me today, even in the seemingly little decisions I need to make. My desire is that your will be done.

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