Sex and the Dallas Cowboys

I wonder what Tom Landry would think. The Dallas Cowboys have a new tenant in their stadium–Victoria’s Secret PINK, a shop for young women.

“We think it’s cute as a bug and very in place to show it and sell it out there,” owner Jerry Jones said on KRLD-FM.

The store opened on the Monday night when the Cowboys hosted the Chicago Bears. The ‘Boys got whupped that night, so at least two things are different from the Landry years–the Cowboys are not respected much on the field and women can now buy underwear at the stadium. (PINK has other sports deals, but Cowboys’ Stadium is the first NFL venue to have a store.)

Forgive me, but in this culture when one talks about Victoria’s Secret, they generally are thinking about sex.

A few years ago, Baptist ethicist David Gushee gave a lecture on sex at Missouri Baptist University that was later adapted for the journal Christian Ethics Today. Gushee dealt with current attitudes toward  sex in American culture and, among other things, made the connection to advertisers and businesses.

“And of course there was the discovery of sex by the advertisers and businesses of America, who knew that sex sells. Loosening sexual morals would mean greater tolerance for selling products on the basis of what used to be called sex appeal.”

PINK apparently sells shirts, shorts, and other outer wear, so some may say I’m overreacting to call attention to it. Maybe so, but the reality is that American culture continues to move further away from biblical norms regarding sex. Gushee’s piece in CET does an excellent job of rather quickly stating what has happened in America over recent decades, how it is different from a biblical ethic, and the difference Christ can make in lives.

“On the matter of sexual morality, changing cultural patterns have mainly brought less stable relationships, more sex-related heartbreak, more exploitation of women, more unwanted pregnancy, more abortion, and a weakening of marriage as an institution.

“Christians need to develop a counterculture in which we reinforce biblical values with one another and learn to live differently from the world around us where necessary, as in this case. As we embody—not just talk about, but live out—a different way of life, we bear powerful witness to those around us of the difference that Christ makes.”

In such a counter-cultural world, it is doubtful Victoria’s Secret would have a store at the stadium. Of course, we probably would not even have such an opulent stadium. Two of my daughters would say that the Green Bay Packers are today’s America’s Team and have some of the old values to go with it–as in using local high school cheerleaders not skimpily dress adult ones. Life is complicated.

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