Sunday in Washington

I’m sitting in the Smithsonian “Castle” on the mall in Washington, drinking coffee, and reading Bonhoeffer while my daughters explore the Air and Space Museum next door. The sun is shining through the window next to me. The cherry blossoms can be seen out the window making their annual display for the 100th time. (They were planted in 1912.) This is a little bit of heaven.

The setting is wonderful, and the words from Bonhoeffer’s Life Together are compelling. He writes about Christian community, and I’m thinking about the Bible study group I’m a part of in Athens and the broader Texas Baptist community, which I serve as my vocation. It is truly a blessing to be part of a Christian community.

I hurry back to my reading, but I had to stop and share.

2 thoughts on “Sunday in Washington

  1. Ahhh, Ferrell, that’s the life. Great word picture.

    FYI, I finally started a Rohr book, “Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life”.

    Safe travels.

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