In pursuit of feral hogs

Feral hogs are destroying our pastureland, so Cam and our on the hunt on this cool December evening. We are in the truck, hunkered down in the cab in hopes that sometime during the night the swine will venture into area.

It’s probably not the most effective way to hunt, but I hate to spend the money for gear that would increase our odds. So, we wait. At least it’s nice to be with my son, even if don’t kill ant hogs.

Of course, we can’t talk much since the windows are down, so we’ve pulled extra coats over our heads and retreated to our iTouch and iPhone. Technology cannot be escaped.

One thought on “In pursuit of feral hogs

  1. No luck. Sleeping in a truck cab is not as easy as driving in one. My back began to cramp, so we checked it in about 10:30, way before the best time for surprising pigs.

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