The little things

(Originally posted to Facebook. Responses below.)

I’m sitting on my tractor, engine off, cool breeze blowing, listening to the snap, crackle, pop of a brush pile fire as it begins to die down. It really does sound like Rice Krispies, just louder.

    • Ferrell FosterThe snap, crackle pop is not so loud now. Needs milk, or maybe just a stir. Tractor tim again.

      November 16 at 3:03pm ·
    • Angela Robinson VanderlindenMaking me miss country life.
      November 16 at 4:05pm ·
    • Cindi Moore CossI was totally taken in with your beautiful word-smithing at the beginning of your post–then you launched into the Rice Krispies analogy. C’mon, Ferrell!! Don’t lead me on like that! 😕 Love ya!
      November 16 at 8:59pm ·
    • Ferrell FosterIt’s all in the same brain and kind of flows out in weird combinations.

      November 16 at 9:38pm ·
    •  Cindi Moore CossTrust me–I understand! From one quirky brain to another!! :->
      November 16 at 10:36pm ·
    •  Cindy Moore WilliamsWe love burning our trash pile and have lots to burn this weekend. Benefits of living outside city limits. (I wanted to comment so you would have consecutive comments from a “Cindy Moore ______”.
      November 18 at 8:49am ·

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