Connecting the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street

The Arab Spring has come to America, and its banner flies under the name Occupy Wall Street and its many Occupy offspring around the country. This year, 2011, may become known as the Year of the Masses.

Most in America cheered in the Spring as people in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria rose up against the powers that had suppressed them. Some of those people who cheered the Arab Spring are not cheering Occupy. We can be thankful the American version has not turned violent, but we can thank our democratic form of government for that.

The reality is that people will be pushed down for only so long, then they rise up. Those who think they can accumulate power and wealth without responsibility for those who do not have power and wealth live in a world of delusion.

Umair Hague, writing in the Harvard Business Review, has made the connection between these various upheavals.

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