Praying for rain

(Originally posted to Facebook.)

Fourteen grown cows and five calves on my place. Ponds virtually useless they’re so dry. Rich upstream neighbor shuts off water coming out of his lake. Ancient flowing stream now dry. Must pump out of ground fresh water, the same that Osarka bottles, to enable cows to survive. Looks like I may not be a cattleman for long–two weeks unless something changes. Pray for rain and good neighbors.

· September 10 at 9:29am near Eustace, TX

    • Miranda Nicole BradleyYour neighbor is lucky you have temperance. If it were me I’d probably be giving him a piece of my mind. I’ll be praying. My grandparents are cattle ranchers so I know what you are going through.

      September 10 at 10:24am ·
    • Sheila EasleyI’d say we’re in the same boat, but without water the boat “don’t float.” Helping Dad with his cows and there isn’t a trace of grass. We still have some water, but the level is going down.

      September 10 at 10:55am ·
    • Ferrell FosterWhat’s really frustrating is that he has no livestock. He uses the lake to irrigate a meadow so he can sell hay and so his place will “look good.” His words. The way cows are being sold, there will not be much need for hay. Thanks for caring, ladies.

      September 10 at 2:54pm ·
    • Trese Hill FosterYou should tell him who will he sell hay to if no one has cows

      September 10 at 5:41pm ·
    • Ferrell FosterThe flood of beef already has started. Prices down now. Next year consumers will see higher prices at store and restaurAnts. Time to go vegetarian or beefless.

      September 10 at 9:55pm ·

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