A good start

My international trip is off to a good start, and I haven’t even gotten out of the United States yet. I’m writing from San Francisco’s airport while Rex and I wait for our flight out.

Conversations are what made the first leg of this journey interesting. First, in the D/FW airport, I visited with a Muslim woman who is orginally from Albania. Then there was the Jewish man from Seattle (with roots in Poland) and the Baptist woman pastor from San Francisco (with roots in China) next to him.

This world is full of such interesting, different people. What I loved about all three of these “strangers” was their friendliness and simple basic decency. All are different from me, but I think they would make such good friends if they lived nearby.

Encounters like this remind me that God has indeed created something special in creating men and women–flawed yes, but still in His image.

When my wife reads this she’s likely to remind me of the German fellow I sat behind on a trip to Spain a few years back. After dealing with him for hours, I didn’t have the same view of mankind that I have right now. I thought the Fall was still very evident.

Next stop: Hong Kong. And I hope that German fellow is not on the flight.

One thought on “A good start

  1. The German guy was very rude and unkind and full of himself. Not anything like the man who sat behind him. Glad I married the guy behind him.

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