A new ‘America’s Team’ arises — Mavs

Dirk Nowitski and Jason Kidd (Dallas Morning News photo by Tom Fox)

“Given their newfound popularity, meet the new America’s Team.”

Associated Press writer Tim Reynolds has said it, and the rest of us feel it. The Cowboys have been supplanted.

“Sorry, Cowboys – your long-held moniker might have to be ceded to your city’s NBA club,” Reynolds writes.

Many of us felt the Cowboys no longer deserved the title, now a new team has captured the national imagination the way the Cowboys once did. As a fan of both, I’m not necessarily happy to see the Cowboys dethroned, but they’ve really brought it on themselves.

But to heck with the Cowboys, let’s enjoy this moment. Tim Reynolds captures so much right about this team in his story, which I found on the Miami Herald web site.

“Hating the Heat became the NBA’s craze this season, and the team knew it had no shortage of critics, everyone from Cleveland (where “Cavs for Mavs” shirts were popular during these finals) to Chicago (the city James and Wade both flirted with last summer) and just about every place in between lining up to take shots at Miami,” Reynolds writes.

“We could feel it,” Mavs Coach Jerry Carlisle said, noting he was repeatedly told during the finals that “billions” of people wanted to see Dallas topple Miami.

But forget the Heat hate; the Mavs are a team to make you proud, just like the Cowboys of the 1970s. They do things right — work hard, play tough, and show class.

Reynolds captured a great quote fromĀ Carlisle: “This is a true team. This is an old bunch. We don’t run fast or jump high. These guys had each other’s backs. We played the right way. We trusted the pass. This is a phenomenal thing for the city of Dallas.”

It’s a return to old school sports. Let’s enjoy it while we can. Go Mavs!

One thought on “A new ‘America’s Team’ arises — Mavs

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