‘Such as these’ 5 – Carol Adelman

Carol Adelman

The more religious a people are, the greater their philantrophy,” said Carol Adelman at last month’s “.. such as these” conference in Dallas. And with “religiosity going up and those correlations so strong,” the prospects of having a huge paradym shift are possible.

Adelman is the director of the Center for Global Prosperity at Hudson Institute. Here are a few other tidbits from her speech:

Private aid is now roughtly 80 percent and government 20 percent of the funds going to developing nations.

We see more money going to the causes of poverty than to the symptoms.

How the devloping world has changed:

— Increase in open markets and open societies

— Growth in private philanthropy, remittances, and local charities

 — Expanded knowledge and demand through technology

Adelman spoke during a May 24-25, 2011, conference titled, “…such as these…”: An Evangelical Advocacy Response to Global Childhood Hunger. The event was held at Dallas Baptist University and sponsored by Bread for the World, Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission, National Association of Evangelicals, Micah Challenge, Baptist World Alliance, Christian Reformed World Relief Committee, and DBU.

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