Rohr: Our deepest self

Last night, I started reading Richard Rohr’s new book, Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life, because I felt I needed a devotional boost. Got it.

“I believe that God gives us our soul, our deepest identity, our True Self, our unique blueprint, at our own ‘immaculate conception,'” Rohr writes. “Our unique little bit of heaven is installed by the Manufacturer within the product, at the beginning! We are given a span of years to discover it, to choose it, and to live our own destiny to the full.”

The phrase, “given a span of years to discover it,” is what captured me. Since I am now in the second half of life, this rings true. I do feel I’ve been discovering myself, my deepest identity, and it’s just now becoming clearer.

Rohr does not, however, seem to leave any room for the nurture side of the nature-nurture equation. It seems obvious in life that we are shaped by both. I guess his point is that our deepest identity, our soul goes beyond both nature and nurture — that soul is before nature and nurture. 

“We do not ‘make’ or ‘create’ our souls; we just ‘grow’ them up. We are the clumsy stewards of our own souls. We are charged to awaken, and much of the work of spirituality is learning how to stay out of the way of this rather natural growing and awakening.”

Lord, help me to wake. Help me to grow my soul.

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