‘Such as these’ 4 – Scott Todd

NOTES (These are paraphrases, not direct quotes from Scott’s address at the “… such as these” gathering in Dallas, May 24.)

“Fast Living: How the Church Will End Extreme Poverty”

By Scott Todd, Compassion International

It’s possible to end extreme hunger in our generation.

In college I saw a sign, “Change the Life of a Child.” I was skeptical, thought it was a scam. I’m arguing with a poster. Asked God, “Do you want me to do this?” When I said this, I felt compelled, pulled off reply card. … Received information on a kid in the Dominican Republic. That’s where I began in my journey.

Twenty percent of babies die … the US just 100 years ago. … We’ve come a long way, but sometimes we forget how fast that’s happened. Unfortunately that progress has not reached all o f us. … Tanzania…

21,000 children die everyday from preventable diseases. …

What are your expectations for the future of the poor?

“the poor will always be with you…”  Jesus was not speaking to us, He was speaking to Judas (because of what he said in the rest of the verse. Judas was bursting into an act of worship. The fatalistic expectations we have are connected to our interpretation of that verse.

Others believe we can end extreme poverty, but pastors have doubts. … These are the guys who believe all things are possible. … It’s clear what God is capable of…. we are in a battle with our own low expectations … of the church and of ourselves.

Isaiah 58: …God wants our generation to hear again the voice of the prophet. … God says I’ve seen the show, I’m not impressed. … The prophet of God is warning the people of God they are in the presence of an unlistening God. … You cannot fast as you do today. … The true prophet never stops at a criticism, … he always turns and articulates a vision of the future. … next section of Isaiah … is this not the fast I have chosen…. a lot of verbs …. a faith expressed in love for others. … verse 10… KJV “if you pour out your soul for the hungry”. … then you will be restorers and repairers. …

incredible promises flow out of Isaiah 58. … you will be called… this will be your reputation… this is how people will see you… repairers of broken walls…

It’s time for us to remember who we are … time to join with people like Martin Luther King Jr., people willing to be co-workers with God…

52% in 1981 lived in extreme poverty, today 26%… we have cut it in half in one generation…

We have the opportunity to do something unprecedented in history. … We have the opportunity to push extreme economic poverty into the history books. … Right now poverty makes us sad… It will someday make us indignant. …

Our low expectations are not God’s … I’m looking for other fools for God. …

What will it take? … leadership… multiple segments of society… includes government…

It will take $73 billion over 10 years to end extreme unhunger…. Christians make $1.5 trillion every year in income. … God has entrusted us with all of this wealth….

I’m looking for leaders who can reflect on this and rally the troops in your sphere of influence. …



Some of the plastic junk we buy is breaking the back of poverty overseas. …

You do not have to always be too late.

Todd spoke during a May 24-25, 2011, conference titled, “…such as these…”: An Evangelical Advocacy Response to Global Childhood Hunger. The event was held at Dallas Baptist University and sponsored by Bread for the World, Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission, National Association of Evangelicals, Micah Challenge, Baptist World Alliance, Christian Reformed World Relief Committee, and DBU.

One thought on “‘Such as these’ 4 – Scott Todd

  1. I highly recommend Dr. Todd’s book, Fast Living: How the Church will End Extreme Poverty. Very encouraging and hopeful book. if you are looking for more details on the topic of this talk his book has them!

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