‘Such as these’ 3 – Abraham Sarker

NOTES (are not direct quotes but are paraphrases)

“Innovative, Sustainable Solutions for Childhood Hunger in Bangladesh”

By Abraham Sarker

I have never experienced hunger in life the way, but I have seen people around me who are hungry.

In Bangladesh… 60 million people in Bangladesh do nat have sufficient food.

Nearly 8 million children under 5 years old are underweight (37%)

Threats to food security in Bangladesh:

1) Poverty – chronic deprivation of the socially vulnerable

2) Natural disasters – thphoons and floods every year

3) Poor health and hygiene

Village Community Transformation using our NGO model … micro-loans, church planting, discipleship training, humanitarian aid, healthcare, and schools…

Gospel for Muslims’ NGO serves 8,000 families in May 2011. … in 52 villages

Micro-loans… average loan size $50-$75…

Pillars of HARD Micro-Finance

1) Standardized loan product

2) Basic voluntary deposit services

3) Standard Operating Procedures that are simple, firm, and effective.

4) Zero tolerance on late payments

Cost efficiency achieved throug

1) Organizational architecture

2) Standardized operating system… maximum delegation with limited discretion… detailed operating manual… franchise-type approach to branch expansion….

3) Institutional culture… servant leadership through attitude and action… accountqability and integrity among ourselves and our partners…


Sarker spoke during a May 24-25, 2011, conference titled, “…such as these…”: An Evangelical Advocacy Response to Global Childhood Hunger. The event was held at Dallas Baptist University and sponsored by Bread for the World, Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission, National Association of Evangelicals, Micah Challenge, Baptist World Alliance, Christian Reformed World Relief Committee, and DBU.

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