Keller: Jesus and justice

Timothy Keller

Grace is so wonderful, but what do we do with it? Timothy Keller says, “… [I]n the mind of the Old Testament prophets as well as the teaching of Jesus, an encounter with grace inevitably leads to a life of justice.” (p.49)

Keller, in his book Generous Justice, connects grace and justice because the Bible does. Chapter Three is titled, “What Did Jesus Say About Justice?” Here’s a sampling of the author’s conclusions:

“Like Isaiah, Jesus taught that a lack of concern for the poor is not a minor lapse, but reveals that something is seriously wrong with one’s spiritual compass, the heart.” (p.51, referencing Luke 11:38-42)

“What is not noticed very often is how Jesus weaves into a whole cloth what we would today call private morality and social justice.” (p.54, referencing the Sermon on the Mount)

Note the connection between justice and how we deal with poverty. So much to think about. So much change to be made in me and my world. So much, but not too much.

(This is my fourth post on Keller’s book. I offer these posts in hopes to whet your appetite and to encourage others to read the entire book.)

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