Response to David Barton

I guess I’ve had my head in the sand for a couple of decades, but the name David Barton is new to me. I’ve heard of the ideas he espouses but guess I just ignored his name in the past. It’s a name that probably shouldn’t be ignored, because he has some dangerous ideas.

I’m no expert on these things, but his ideas are contrary to what most historians of early American history believe. They are also contrary to what is best for the United States and what is best for authentic Christian faith.

The New York Times did a good introductory story on Barton May 4 titled, “Using History to Mold Ideas on the Right.”

The Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty has a great piece written by Brent Walker that gives specific responses to some of Barton’s assertions–“A Critique of David Barton’s Views on Church and State.”

2 thoughts on “Response to David Barton

  1. The comment by Angie led to this response from me:

    Angie, thanks for the link to the piece. I thought John Fea made a good point about trying to make history support our political agendas. Quite frankly, I wish we had more Christians trying to be more like Christ than trying to be good Democrats and Republicans. Some folks seem to start with their political perspective then try to get Christ on their side rather than starting with Christ and determining where they should stand on political issues. Starting with Christ tends to make it hard to sell out to one political party. Jesus was not trying to get elected; in fact, he got killed at the polls–literally. Sorry for the little sermon, Angie. You almost stimulate my thinking.

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