Bike Out Hunger approaches

Key the threatening music from the movie “Jaws.” While the swimmer enjoys her frolic in the surf, a dark menace looms up beneath. For me, it’s Bike Out Hunger that approaches.

I feel like the boy in my favorite movie, “What About Bob?”, when he shares his fears with Bob Wiley. He says something like, “I’m going to die. We’re all going to die.” But the movie is a comedy, and Bill Murray’s “Bob” character has a readily effective response that I can’t use to disperse my fear–talking dirty.

Bike Out Hunger is a 400-mile bicycle ride that begins the Monday after Mother’s Day and goes throughout the week–Beaumont to Woodville to Nacogdoches to Tyler to Marshall to Texarkana. It raises money for the Texas Baptist Offering for World Hunger, a very, very good cause.

Last year, on a different route, I did only 100 miles. This year, I’m shooting for 200 miles and will ride the rest of the way in a “sag wagon,” because I will indeed be sagging.

It would be a real encouragement for me to have people sponsoring me with their dollars for hunger relief and development. You can go to and select “Ferrell Foster” from the drop-down menu.

Who knows, if I get a bunch of sponsors I might even push for 300 miles.

Note to my lawyer: I really do need to update my will. Trese gets everything, but make sure she takes care of the kids.

2 thoughts on “Bike Out Hunger approaches

  1. Just remember, baby steps, Bob. (I’m not sure how that applies to riding 200-300 miles on your bike.)

    I wish I could do the ride, too. Maybe next year.

    Have fun and thanks for doing this!

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