Wrap-up on Abundant Communities conference

My thanks go out to all who organized this gathering at Trinity University. The content was superb, but it was successful for more than just the content. It really served to create a community of sorts through the structure of the event and through the creation of some of that structure on the fly.

I do not like small groups at conferences because the introvert in me doesn’t want it. But I also find all small groups to be such a blessing. Mary, Sandra, Anna, Michael, Charlie, Gerald, Eliud and others made this more than a conference; they made it an experience.

Also, Jill Janov did a great job of facilitating everything. I especially loved the poetry. I would love to have a copy of the one she wrote about the first day.

I want to close this with the blessing that Tom Heger led us through Wednesday night. Here it is:

Go out into the world in peace

Have courage

Hold on to what is good

Return no one evil for evil

Strengthen the fainthearted

Support the weak

Help the suffering

Honor all men and women,

Little boys and little girls

Love and serve each other

Rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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