Storm watching

A serious storm rolled through east Texas this evening. It was pushing northeast. A tornado warning went into effect west of our place. The sky turned dark gray and then teal green as it boiled up around our house on Hickory Hill. The temperature tumbled and the wind blew hard out of the northwest, which means we had a storm system moving northeast while strong winds were blowing across it. The clouds were moving fast and dipping low when the warning horn began to blow six miles away in Eustace.

Most of the family was on our east-facing porch, peaking around the south and north ends of the house to watch the clouds but stay out of most of the wind. I went inside to see if I could get information from the TV or Internet. Nothing helpful.

Our oldest son’s pit bull, Lola, stood watching the front door because she wanted in the house even though almost everyone was outside.

The leading edge of the storm passed, and the lightning approached. The family moved inside with the front door open. A bolt hit the ground about 100 yards in front of the house, and the sound almost immediately crackled through the air. Screams, but no danger.

A good, heavy, much-needed rain then set in for awhile.

Nature is amazing. The power of a storm makes you feel rather small and helpless. The spectacle of a storm makes you feel part of something much bigger. The God who created this is indeed big and awesome. I’m reminded of the book, Your God is Too Small. Nature reminds us how foolish it is to think we have God captured all nice and neat in a fully understandable box.

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