Learning to care

Students at H. Grady Spruce High School in Dallas used to wear a button on their chests. It had an image of the mascot in the center and two simple words – “I Care.”

Those of us who wore those buttons in the early 1970s were trying to tell the world that we knew life was not just about ourselves. I still have one of those buttons sitting on my dresser almost 40 years later. It’s a reminder to me of the kind of person I want to be, of the kind of person I believe God wants me to become.

I’m so thankful my parents, church and school taught me to care and modeled it. We need more such teaching and modeling today. Jesus was the ultimate caring person. He met all kinds of needs – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. He was not a fawning do-gooder; He was a strong-minded and strong-principled man who confronted evil and proclaimed peace, hope and love. He cared so much that He lived strong and died for the weak – us.

A Jesus revival is needed today. Such a revival of spirit will see more people taking on the mantle of Jesus as they walk through this 21st century world. And if we are revived, we will care like He cared – with strength and with a willingness to sacrifice for those who are weak.

Spruce High School also had a motto that was fixed in tile in the main foyer – “Everybody is Somebody.” Only when we know that, will we really care. Everybody. Literally everybody is somebody in God’s eyes. Shame on me when I see the clothes and think I know the man, when I see the house and think I know the family, when I see the smile and think I know the life.

I want to care. God wants me to care. God wants all of us who call ourselves by His Son’s name to care – to care for everybody, because everybody is somebody.

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