“I know nothing,” to quote Sgt. Schultz

When is not knowing better than knowing? Richard L. hester and Kelli Walker-Jones say it’s so when it comes to leadership. At least that’s what I picked up last night in the introduction to their book, Know Your Story and Lead with It.

The not-knowing approach to leadership is counter-intuitive to many people, but my experience is that there is real truth in it, especially when beginning in a new leadership position.

If I may translate the authors, they’re talking about the difference between a leader who thinks he or she knows what needs to be done as opposed to trusting the group to inform the leadership approach. It produces, the authors say, an “organic strategy” for leading a group.

This fits with my natural inclinations as a team-builder, but I find myself wondering if the people I have sought to lead would see me in such a way or not. Generally, no one likes a no-it-all or will follow such a person, but that’s how we often behave as leaders.

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