Williams-Skinner on CCDA’s future

During last month’s CCDA conference, Barbara Williams-Skinner spoke about the future of CCDA, and here are some of the highlights.

“We’re standing between a generation trapped in the past and a generation that wants to break free,” she said. The new generation does not want the old racial polarization of the past.

CCDA is in a growth mode, but Williams-Skinner said, “We’ve got to move throm this mountain where we’re standing.” She cited Moses in Deuteronomy 1:6-8. She derived three points from that text. Here’s a summary, generally in paraphrase form:

1) Break camp. We’ve gotten settled into our churches. … The world doesn’t know that we love Christ by the way we love each other. … The best place to connect with people in in worship because there we are all equal.

“We need each other more than we know we need each other.” … Break camp from the world’s definition of success, from the past, from our own ethnic church tradition.

“You cannot mentor people into your fear. You have to mentor them into your freedom.” [I love that.]

2) Move up. Poverty is a stronghold. … You can’t get out without a prayer life. … Our prayer life has to change. … Our language about one another has got to change. … We need to be talking as brother and sister, … hanging out together. … Relationships have to look like the kingdom. … Practice right now what we’re going to be doing in heaven. …

3) Possess the land. We need to be involved in all aspects of society, including politics and business. … Racism, poverty and violence will be affected only by our service. …

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