Praying Houston

Walking with a band of believers through the streets of downtown Houston, I feasted on a wonderful sound. It was kind of a reverse take on the Pentecost experience of Acts 2. In that biblical story, people of varied tongues heard each other in their own. In Houston, the people were all from one place but speaking a variety of languages — in a group of only about 75 people.

This group from throughout metropolitan Houston “prayer walked” through the business district of downtown Houston. They were among three such groups, the others going to the criminal justice and compassion districts.

There was no majority ethnic group, nor could I detect a dominant denominational group. They had only one obvious thing in common: They called Jesus Lord and desired that others in Houston know Him.

Prayer in an open, public place on a gorgeous fall day is food for the soul of the one who prays, and who knows what good might be wrought by those prayers.

It, quite simply, was the perfect way to launch the two-week CityReach effort leading up to Texas Baptists’ Annual Meeting Nov. 16-17 in Houston. Now, across Texas, we can join them in prayer for this largest of our cities.

(Originally published by me on the We Are Texas Baptists blog on this date.)

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