Wayne Gordan at CCDA

The annual conference of the Christian Community Development Association started last night. It was great, and I will go back and add some posts about that soon.

Right now Wayne Gordan has just started to talk. This is the 21st meeting of CCDA. It started with about 15 people meeting at O’Hare airport in Chicago in 1989. Now, there is a monster crowd here in Cincinnati.

Gordan is president of CCDA. He’s going to talk about where the association is and what we’re doing.

Highlighting three books:

1) Love is an Orientation… it’s about how the church and the gay community can love each other…

2) The Next Evangelicalism… it’s about how can we free the church today from its western mindset…

3) Jesus and the Disinherited… written by Howard Thurman… now deceased… written in 1948 but as relevant today as then… Thurman started the first multi-racial church in America


I just realized that I lost my signal and I lost most of my notes. Shoot!

Here’s a couple of things of things that stood out:

Wayne says our youth are being enveloped by a culture of violence, and that Christian leaders are going to have to reinvest their lives in children and youth.

Also, he spoke from Scripture about the story of King Saul not being fully obedient to God, and God responding that He desires obedience more than sacrifice. Gordon said sin, the lack of obedience to the whole gospel of God can undermine the CCDA movement.

Then hundreds of people can to the “altar” to pray for repentence. Whoever thinks community development is just about doing good does not understand the great foundation of devotion, of love of God and things of God.

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