Back from Fort Hood

A tip of my hat to our military chaplains. I just returned from Fort Hood, where our chaplaincy director, Bobby Smith, introduced me to some of the 99 Army chaplains endorsed by the BGCT. Wow!

Let me put it this way: The United States is at war against terrorism, and these chaplains are providing pastoral care to the warriors who seek to defend us from harm. It’s a dangerous job, but the call of God has never stopped at difficulty.

I brought back some medal tokens and have them on the table in my office to remind me to pray for these men and their wives. I hope others will join me.

And pray for Bobby. He is seeking to be the kind of endorser whom chaplains really need — someone to stand beside them, walk with them, counsel them and encourage them. He is gifted for this work and he loves it, but he could still use your prayers.

Every military chaplain has to have an endorsing body, and the BGCT is one of 227 such entities. This ministry, that no individual church can do alone, is growing rapidly. Bobby doesn’t recruit chaplains, but word of mouth is spreading the good word — high standards in the chaplains and good endorsement support for them.

The BGCT now has 547 chaplains, and 159 of those are in the military. And, the thing is, the military needs more. Pray that God will raise them up and go with them as they serve.

(Originally published by me on the We Are Texas Baptists blog on this date.)


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