‘Redemption machines’ for Texas?

I received the following e-mail from Weston Ware, of Texans Against Gambling, yesterday [his bold]:

“It’s Day One [of the legislative session], and so far, at least <strong>11 gambling bills have been filed in the Texas Legislature</strong>, including Senate Bill 309 and House Bill 75, to legalize slot machines (or, as the bill calls them “Amusement Redemption Machines”). They are joined by House Bill 73 and Senate Bill 311, which clear the way for video slots or video lottery terminals (VLTs) by redefining what’s currently legal or allowed in Texas.”

What really caught my attention was the ridiculous euphemism, “Amusement Redemption Machines.” The gambling industry wants to make a killing in Texas, and they’ll do just about anything, including spend a fortune in lobbying, to get the chance to reach deeper into Texas pockets.

Why keep fighting these big-monied interests? 1) It’s bad for the people of Texas and tears at the moral fiber that holds a society together, and 2) We’ve been winning this battle against the spread of gambling and these are still winnable fights if we stay aware and communicate with our representatives.

(Originally published by me on the We Are Texas Baptists blog on this date.)


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