Recalling the call

I’ve been away from work for a week now; well, at least I’ve been out of the office. I’ve found through the years it takes about a week away for me to get re-centered. Yes, all ministers know that “the ministry,” while uplifting, can be draining.

When I’ve been away from “the work” for a bit I tend to remember the things that God did inside of me to move me in such a direction. Through others, the Bible and my own thoughts God moved me to make this crazy, youthful commitment to “do whatever He wanted with my life.”

It’s been an interesting  ride that took me out of Texas, beyond my family’s wishes, and involved using a strange ministry career called journalism, at least for most of the time.

When I get tired, I start wondering about the plans I had, the things I wanted to do before the call. But then, when my body has time to rest and my spirit has time to reconnect with my Lord, I remember the calling. I realize the great blessing of service to our Savior and His church.

The Christmas holidays are a busy time of ministry, but I hope our vocational ministers will take some time alone to recall their calling, to rejoice in the joy of that service.

And maybe we can pray more fervently that God will call out others, including our own children. Isn’t it great to live life with a greater purpose than one’s own success.

(Originally published by me on the We Are Texas Baptists blog on this date.)


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