Much for which to be thankful

The fog has been heavy this Thanksgiving morning, but it is now beginning to lift and we expect a beautiful day with the temperature reaching into the 70s. I am thankful for so much this year; here are a few:

— The election of Barack Obama as president. It’s not just that I agreed more with his policy positions than his opponent John McCain’s; I love his basic message that all the varied groupings of Americans must come together and function as one nation if we are to move forward as a continued beacon of political hope to the world. I also am thankful that our nation has progressed to the point of being able to elect an African American as president. I think back to attitudes that surrounded me in my childhood and to the images on the television, and this is truly amazing. I recall the conversations at our dinner table as I was growing up, and my sister, who was four years older than me, beat the verbal drum for racial equality. We have come a long way.

— That I have a good and satisfying job. I enjoy my work, and I get paid a good wage for it. So many at our office have lost their jobs over the past few years, and I hurt for their loss; but I am confident God will care for them as He did for me in past when I didn’t have a job. I pray that we can move through this economic down time quickly, learn some lessons as a nation, make some changes in our regulatory policies and move forward toward healthy prosperity.

— Health benefits at work. I have had one surgery (vocal chords) and am about to have another (knee); Trese had a close brush with death and spent a few days in the hospital; and Meredith got stepped on my a horse. The expenses were high, but we made it thanks to my health benefits at work and our new Health Savings Account.

My wonderful family. We all love each other and enjoy each other’s presence. Circumstances brought some real challenges, but we move through them well together. Trese is a wonderful wife and mother; Tiffany and Darren, Tabitha, Landon, Meredith, Cameron, Shawn, Skylar, Savannah, Madison and Tristan are the joys of my life; Mom and Dad are still a blessing to us and I thank God for every day I have with them; and Kathy and her family moved closer and that has been very nice. I love my family; they are God’s greatest blessing upon my life.


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