Dr. Frankenstein, I am

I have created a monster.

There once was a time when I was undefeated at the board game Risk. No longer. My daughter, Tabitha, has taken be down twice in a row.

For the uninitiated, Risk is a game where you try to conquer the world with your armies. The winner literally destroys all other would be tyrants.

Last night, we (Trese, Tab, Meredith, Cameron, Matt and I) brought in the new year with a Risk game. Ending time: 2 a.m. The really bad thing this time was that I came in fourth. All three of the women outlasted me–and Matt and Cameron. Cameron might have done better, but he was smart and went to bed, leaving his substantial armies in Great Britain open to slow death at the hands of the rest.

So I begin this new year as a failed conquering — Ferrell, the Fallen. This is what happens when you let a daughter study military history in college. She pulls a Napoleon on you without the Waterloo.


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