A little Anne Lamott in the morning

In her book, Traveling Mercies, Annie Lamott tells about watching a movie about gypsies. In the film, the young girls seem full of life and are “practicing” for adulthood while the old women are full of life and dancing. In the middle, the women are pretty weighted down by the cares of caring for the young and the old and just getting by.

“Where does that leave a youngish middle-aged woman like me” Lamott asks. “Maybe it leaves me needing to consider how wealthy I am in the knowledge that the girl of my past is still in me while a marvelous dreadlocked crone is in the future–and that I hold both of these females inside.”

I love that. Of course, for me it’s that I hold inside me the boy of my past and the marvelously spry old man of my future, and that they may not be all that different.


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