Looking back at independence

I visited Independence Hall in Philadelphia yesterday for the first time. I get the same sense of awe every time I enter a building of historical importance — to imagine George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Ben Franklin and the rest walking into the same rooms joking and arguing, to know that Mr. Washington sat in the presiding officer’s chair. Amazing!

A great thing about this trip is that my wife and three of our kids got to experience this, as well. At the building next door which served as our nation’s second capitol, the park ranger repeatedly asked Meredith and Cameron questions. And they answered correctly. He was amazed and asked our older daughter Tabitha about them. She told them they are home schooled. We are blessed to be able to do this type of education.

After this wonderful experience, I then hear Mia Farrow speak about her family motto — with knowledge comes responsibility. I think about the great knowledge that our founding fathers possessed, but they did not allow it to just satisfy themselves; they put it to work and created this great nation of government by, of and for the people. To honor our nation’s founders, we must be looking today for our own responsibilities and step up to meet them.


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